Max & Mia is

A step above your sweats Seriously cozy. Ethically made.More comfortable than your PJs.​ Quality you can feel.

Made for anything life may
throw your way.
We’ve got you covered, literally.

About Us

Max & Mia is out to create the most comfortable, versatile, and flattering loungewear around. We are your answer to the age-old question, “can my sweatpants look stylish” and in our world, the answer is always yes.  

Using the best materials and manufacturers our designs are a step above your average sweats. Here at Max & Mia, we’re firm believers that your inside clothes can be your outside clothes, and we’ve accomplished just that.

Our Mission:

To only use FSC certified paper for all brand materials

To use a new proprietary dye technology that uses 95% less water & zero chemicals

To increase the amount of reusable energy in the production process

To become a co2 neutral company over the next 5 years

To use the most eco-friendly fabrics

To further our partnerships with the most ethical certified factories

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